Better PSu for a small form factor PC

I was looking into getting a new GC and everyone recommends the HD 5570, but i then thought about a better PSu then i can do better and was wondering if anyone could help me pick out a PSU for my small form factor

Acer Aspire X3400
AMD Athlon II X3 435 Processor 2.9GHz
4096 MB of RAM
220w PSU

thank you very much
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  1. Get a low profile 7750. It'll work.
  2. which 7750 would it be the ultimate or the 1GB

  3. I'm assuming that's sapphire? Definitely not ultimate,the silent fan eats a slot on it's own. You'll want the 1gb Low Profile Edition which is quite rare. The safest bet is the powercolor 7750 which is readily available. Also the HIS 7750 for choice.
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