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I've been searching for an Asus HD6970 DCUII for a while, but it's backordered or discontinued everywhere, where can I find this card ?

Can't find anything...

Thanks alot in advance!
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  1. Yes, you should get the latest generation card with improved efficiency!
  2. OC a 6950 to close the performance gap or wait for the 7870, which will be at the same price/performance as the 6970 with more OC headroom.
  3. Does the 7850 can play Battlefield 3 at Ultra on 1920X1080 ?
    Is Asus already making Direct Cu II on Hd 7000's ?
  4. But against radeon hd6000 ?
  5. Thanks alot!
    Is two Hd6870 in crossfire better than a HD6970 ?
  6. IF you'be a girl, and I didn't have a girlfriend, I would definately try to know you xD
    Thanks a lot!
    Just a last question, does it means that I will be able to play Battlefield 3 MAXED OUT settings on a 1080p 24'' monitor at 1920 x 1080 ?
    Thanks in advance !
  7. Sorry for "unintelligence(?)" but does dips is like a fps drop ?
  8. Best answer selected by Leonard Gill Menard.
  9. Woah nice !!
    but dips means what ? fps drops ?
  10. Got R.A.T 7 :P
  11. Between 2000 and 3000 Dpi
  12. Good, thanks alot man ! Really
  13. Now, is it possible to put HD6870 CF with a Corsair TX650M ?
  14. Leonard Gill Menard said:
    Now, is it possible to put HD6870 CF with a Corsair TX650M ?

    You should be ok, if a GTX 560 ti in SLI can run on a Corsair 620 watt. and i can do GTX 560 ti SLI on a TX 750 stable..... Yea you should be decent with the TX 650
  15. Quote:
    Rule of thumb a good 650watt PSU can run any 2 cards in SLI or CF

    Woah there buddy, check ya self. But no seriously dude, just saving you from a back lash anyone else would have given you. and To clear things straight bout that. No a GTX 580 can not be SLI'd on a 650 Watt power supply. you just asking for trouble. eh maybe on a 850 watt. but for the mid range video cards yes a 650 watt can handle. but the high ends don't even try :non:
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