3rd monitor won't eyefinity!

2x Radeon 6850s and 3 20" monitors that all support the same resolution. Top 6850 has a DVI+Active Display port (both of these show up in AMD software). Lower 6850 has just a DVI. This DOES display (I can run 3 monitors), but shows up as 'greyed out' in the eyefinity AMD software setup.

Up to date on software for 6000 series.

Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations?
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    I think this .. you need to connect 3 Monitor to one card ...and use Crossfire..cannot connect to the port in other card...

    Does AMD CrossFireX™ technology work with AMD Eyefinity Technology?
    Yes, AMD CrossFireX™ technology is now compatible with AMD Eyefinity technology.

    Note: Monitors connected in a Display Group must be connected to the same graphics card.
  2. !!!ARGHHHHH. It's a good answer, but not the one I wanted to hear :[[[[
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  4. you also need to use an active displayport adapter. you cannot use more than 2 monitors off one card without one
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