Project CHRONOS MK1 Case Build

Hey and welcome to my Project. ;)

I've not been overly happy with my current Coolermaster ATCS 840, mainly due to its looks and the fact I find it boring so I was looking around the interwebs and the only case I like is the TJ11 from Silverstone, though its price tag is huge and I'm not sure about those massive holes in the side of the case

So I've decided to design and construct my own case, now this case is just for me so I've designed it around my needs (very little in the way of optical or HDD bays, but loads of watercooling options)

The case will be constructed from Aluminium except for the mid-plate which will most likely be 5mm acrylic.

My other modding experience was Project Element (Link Below). This will be a huge learning curve for me, but I love a challenge

I've done some sketches and renders, so here goes!

The case will support a full thickness (60mm) 120.3 rad in the roof, a 120.1 in the front and 2 x (upto) 40mm 120.2's in the bottom

I will be using PC bits from my current rig as I don't have the cash for a complete re-build and watercooling will have to wait.

Thanks for looking :sol:
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  1. Tools and materials that have arrived now include:

    The Hinges for the side panels!, I've chosen these hinges as it'll make removing and installing the side panels really fast and easy :sol:

    Power tools! :pt1cable:

    Unfortunately the 1st and 2nd pillar drill came damaged, but I finally got a winner

    Other bits and bobs including a countersink drill bit, 2mm drill bits and jigsaw blades

    A huge amount of aluminium! At this stage I realised my case isn't going to be light weight :lol:

    And finally the mid-plate and side panel window

    Total spend so far = £270 :whistle: :cry:

    Update soon when I actually do some work! :hello:
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