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Hello, ive recently installed an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 CPU Cooler, and im currently idle at 28-30c at load 45-48c but every now and again when i boot up i get cpu fan error, ive turned off the CPU q-fan control so that the fan speed will stop flickering just wondering if its something to be scared of or would i be safe to turn off the warning? :)
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  1. If that is a HP then it means that it can't detect a fan..
  2. Sometimes aftermarket fans don't spin as fast as the machine's "detection level", so a slow spinning fan looks like a dead fan. It's always nervous to turn OFF a fan indicator, cause you'll have no idea if it ACTUALLY dies on you. Granted though, should the fan die, as long as you have your thermal detection set for a decent temp (like 60-65C), then the computer should shut down far before the temp of chip damage, and only then would I disable the fan warning.

    If your BIOS doesn't provide for thermal top ends, then I'd suggest changing the fan on your HSF to something that spins a little faster (doesn't have to sound like an F-14 engine), or live with an occasional warning in trade for the safety net of the fan monitoring.
  3. Thats common, the fan just hasn't spun up yet is all. As long as it does spin up and the beep stops then you're fine.
  4. thanks for the replys guys ive got peace of mind now i did think that i might just be panicing and that there was some sort of bios bug or that the fan hasent started spinning yet but yea lovely guys thanks again :)
  5. im running a program for pc temps like gpu and cpu etc so im thinking if i keep that on or atleast check it once and a while that i should be fine turning of the warning thing the bios???
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