Red/White Modular PSU

Hey everyone. I know this sounds crazy but I'm looking for a red or white colored modular PSU for a themed build I'm doing. The wattage is preferred lower (400-500W) but it doesn't really matter if it's a great looking one. It obviously can't be some shitty model that runs bad (such as the Aerocool Strike-X). Red/White/Multi-color LED fan is a plus, but not required. Multi-color LED plugin cables such as the Kingwin-Lazer is nice, but the PSU itself is black which makes it sort of a last resort choice.

So in a little nicer format:
-Red or white colored (Red is better)
-Modular (Fully Modular = BONUS)
-Not shitty
-Red/White/Multi-color LED fan (BONUS)
-Budget doesn't matter

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    paint. just sayin.
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