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Hello. I have an MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III that is overclocked to 1536 shaders, 860/1380 .. I recently replaced my gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 with a p8z68-v pro board, and my temps at idle are normal, 38c with this card, but now load temps are like 85-90c on this board, where they would seldom reach 75c on the gigabyte board. Anyone have any ideas why that is? The case is a CM storm scout with 2 side intake fans, (120mm Lian Li fans) the stock front and rear 120mm, and the stock top 140mm.. The voltage will not change on this card, i'm out of ideas. anyone?? This is the ONE GIG model btw. And when i'm gaming the fans on the card are at 100%!

Thanks in advance
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  1. Stop one side fan or both and leave just front,rear,top.
  2. It goes over 90c without the fans. I think this board is messing with the temps somehow doesn't make sense to me though
  3. So I found out what it was! I finally got fed up with it freezing up in Battlefield 3 so I took the card apart. There was so much thermal paste it was unbelievable!! I put some arctic silver, put it back together, put it back in and viola! 68c max at 860/1380 stock voltage! yeehaw
  4. Great.
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