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I put a post in Networking a few days back and menioned the name of a computer manufacturer. Back there this morning an dI find my post has an underscore under that name and is linked to their website. A mouse hover shows "Added by Skimwords" as the legend and I wish to point out that I object to my posts being edited after I've put them up. I accept the Mods' right to make changes but that they also wouldn't do that just to plug a product.

Here's a link to anothe rexample I just found and the result of linking the mention of the MBR to sales offers for boots is laughable.

Whoever thought this one up will make Tom's a laughing stock inside a month.

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  1. Oh no, not another in-text advertising solution. :pfff:

    I assure you that we are not editing your posts. We have much more important things to do than ad links to shopping sites in your posts ;) These are generated automatically in the same way as Kontera and Intellitext ads. These come in at #3 on the list of Most Annoying Advertising methods; #1 being full page ads that block the content and #2 being flash ads that blow your speakers apart.

    I might add that I can't actually see any examples of these ads on the forum, only Kontera ones. They might be region-specific.
  2. IMO this website just looks too plain without ads....
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