Upgrding Amd apu laptop help!

I bought a thinkpad lapop with the amd apu, despite it being so much faster than my previous laptop, it does not satisfy my need for speed.

I already have 8gb of adata 1600mhz ram and a 256gb solid state on the horrizon, now i just want a bigger apu.

it is a socket, i have it opened with the cpu on my desk

The best FS1 i can find is the 3550mx, which is a whopping $180 for a refurbished one, almost the same price as the ssd!

I was wondering if FS1 and FS1r2 are backwards compatible, because an A10-4600m is the same price on ebay, and its much faster.

any help?
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  1. Hi :)

    Ask Lenovo as nobody else will know for definite...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. ^ Agreed.

    Even if a processor is the same socket it may very well not be compatible with that board. Your laptop may not handle the extra heat produced by a faster chip and may not have it supported by the BIOS even if it can handle the heat. Generally laptops are not something you want to try and upgrade unless you have exact specs and know what you are doing.
  3. I will order the proc tommorow, someone has already tried putting a fsr1 in the fs1 and it does not work,

    chipsets support it, although it slides right in, there's a different pin layout.

    unless someone makes a adapter like the good 'ol days, fm1/fs1 is intel's socket 1156

    what was the last one made, a 478-775 adapter for a p4? lol...
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