How to fix sapphire radeon hd 6770 cpu usage?

i m concern because i upgrade my graphics card and now my cpu is working 90%with bf3 online i had one ati radeon hd 3870 512mb with this graphic card the cpu usage was 70. 75% my sistem is cpu intel core 2quad 2.40ghz, mobo.asrock p45x3 deluxe, memory geil 4 x2gb ddr3.. graphics card ,2 sapphire radeon hd6770 1gb gddr5 crossfire x ,psu 880watts water cooled sistem one hdd 250 gb seagate please any advise recomendation is welcome thanks .. windows 7 home edition 64 bit
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  1. Overclock your CPU. If with one 3870 your cpu was at 70% usage its normal with 6770 Crossfire your cpu usage to be higher.
  2. to be honest i just bought this motherboard too, and i don't know how to set the voltage on bios. i'm not into overclocking, so i don't know much about it. and i was wondering if you could help me to overclock the cpu
  3. What type of cpu you have ? What cooler do you have ?
  4. intel core 2 quad 2.4 ghz q6600 thermaltake big water760i
  5. thanks lets see what performance i get back at you soon to let u know
  6. bf in online mode use too much cpu, so either overclock it or get a new cpu+board or use low settings
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