Weird Chirping Stuttering Noise from CPU/Cooling?


I recently fixed an issue with a faulty power supply and bought a new Corsair PSU, 700w. My two machines are running great but now all of the sudden I have a new sound entering the mix.

During heavy load operations (Gaming, mostly) the rig will randomly begin making a chirping/stuttering sound from what appears to be the CPU or the liquid cooling mounted on it. I'm not really sure.

I went ahead and tested the fans to make sure that it wasn't just a fan vibrating and even swapped out HDD's to make sure it wasn't a faulty HDD issue.

The sound definitely appears to be coming from the CPU area and is almost exclusively present during heavy load times. You can sometimes hear it for a brief second or two during idle periods but it becomes quite loud and noticeable during gaming.

The sound is hard to describe but it almost sounds like a disc drive softly spinning, it's a mild chirping that comes as a stutter "Bzz-Bzz-Bzz" in quick succession. This can go on for as little as 10-20 seconds or as long as 3-5 minutes.

Basically I'm trying to figure out if I should detach the water cooling from the CPU and begin tinkering to look for a problem or if this noise is just my computer's normal operation and it's just a loud machine.

The fact of the matter is that I haven't seen any issue with performance. The noise kicks on during gaming but the performance doesn't suffer at all.

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  1. Possibly air in your cooling system
  2. Is there a simple/safe way to check for that?

    The weird thing is that it almost sounds like small successive vibrations and when they happen they can be mitigated through movement or touching. Like if I move the case or tap on the various components they seem to lessen.

    It's a strange thing but again - it doesn't appear to be impacting performance, it's just annoying as heck.
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