Which Chip Is Better nVidia or ATI?

I want to know which chip is better n why?
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  1. your question needs to be much more specific.
    what do you want to use the gfx cards for?
    what is your budget for gfx card?
    what are your full pc specs?
    are you trying to troll?
  2. also are you talking about gfx card or chipset?
  3. Yea all there are great questions but are you talking of a Motherboard, or Graphics card. Most likely its graphics cards
  4. genetic98 said:
    I want to know which chip is better n why?

    Assuming OP is talking about GPU's.

    Your question infers there is a single correct answer but there is not. Both AMD and Nvidia makes lots of "chips". Your not asking a question that could be answered.

    This is kind of like asking which engine is better a Ford or Chevy.
  5. Also, your Avatar pic indicates that you might be a fan of AMD video cards compared to Nvidia cards...
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