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Hows good a Intel HD 3000 in i7-2600 for video render

Im a videographer n editor for myself. Im interested to know, is integrated GPU in i7-2600 good solution for render or i must buy GPU. I work with HD video (AVCHD) n whant to make videos on BluRay disk. Intel Quick Sync Video alowed me to use all of potencial in integrated GPU in CPU. Im NOT interested to play a video games. Thanks.
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  1. if you are content with quick syncs quality (its not a perfect transcoding) then you are fine.

    quick syncs transcoding speed is unmatched. of course your selection of software that takes advantage of quick sync is extremely limited
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    Well if you just want to be safe, you could get a low end NVIDIA GT Card or one of the new Radeon 7750's or 7770's. but if you doing good with what you got, and need a GPU Later. well lets just see kepler when it gets here
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