Best non-overclocked CPU for workhorse build?

I'm building a new non-gaming workstation PC and need a high performance CPU for running 3D CAD software mostly. I won't be doing overclocking on this build, but it does need to be extremely reliable and fast. (just opening some 3D models require up to 20GB of RAM) Right now I'm looking at:
Is the extreme edition much quicker than the regular, cheaper model? Additionally, If I'm not overclocking, is there reason to get a K-model processor over the regular model?

Cost isn't too restrictive for the CPU, but obviously I'd like to save money where I can.

Not sure if it matters much for CPU choice, but in my testing the graphics card hasn't been taxed too heavily so I'll likely reuse my current Quadro 4000 card.
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    Overclockable CPU you mean, the best choice will be the 3930K if possible.

    2nd in line would be the 3770K.
  2. K and X are yes, only merely for those who want to increase CPU internal clock via multiplier.

    If money is really not an issue, i'd get 3960X as it is slightly faster than the cheaper i7 counterpart and it also has 3Mb more third of level cache.
  3. ^^

    It's not worth $1000.

    A 3930K is the better option at $600, or even a dual Xeon setup!
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