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I just purchased a HP Pavilion p6-2200z Desktop PC, with a 512MB AMD HD 7350 [DVI, HDMI, VGA adapter] video card. I purchased this desktop to be plugged into my tv (HDMI - HDMI). The audio works when i have the tv on initially, on the pc input, and then turning on the pc. However, if i turn off my tv or change inputs and come back to it, the audio no longer works, so i have to restart my computer. Audio also does not work if i turn on the PC before turning on the tv and being on the correct input. Is there anyway to resolve this issue?
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  1. Huh...that doesn't sound right. I'm wondering if its the PC or TV that's at fault for this one...

    If the TV gives the option to update its firmware, I'd try that.
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