Dell Precision M6600 Quadro 4000m Rendering

Hello guys!!

I want to ask you guys a few question to see if i made a mistake with this laptop i purchased, but i can still take it back for a refund if i need to...

I work in Architecture and i constantly need to do 3d rendering and Video animation so i went and bought a Dell Precision with a Nvidia Quadro 4000M which is suppose to be a very powerful Workstation for architects but when i run a test with revit architecture 2012 with hardware accelaration on it takes forever to render, so this makes me wonder if i would have been better with a gaming laptop or if i just dont understand how to configure the Quadro card drivers... i dont know its my first experience with a quadro video card...

So why if it's suppose to do this things so fast , why am i having so much trouble waiting ??

Also i think it be good to mention that i left this laptop rendering all night a 45 mb sketchup file to make an animation that took 700 frames so it did pretty good in sketchup cause thats 700 renders over one night

here are the specification on this laptop

Core i7 2920XM 2.5ghz , 16gb of ram ddr3 1600mhz , dual 750 hard drives , nvidia quadro 4000m
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  1. First, going with a gaming machine wouldn't help you. In fact, I would expect a gaming rig to do worse. There are some gaming systems that use desktop components that would be the exception to this comment.

    Second, although you have a workstation class rig, it is still a notebook computer with a mobile GPU and CPU. Specs for the GPU can be found here:

    To get the performance you seem to desire, you would need to step up to a desktop system with a desktop CPU and GPU.

    Please note, my quick check of Revit indicates that it doesn't use the GPU to off-load video rendering. If I understand that correctly, the CPU is your limiting factor.
  2. Hi COLGeek thanks alot for the help its really aprecciated!!

    im thinking if revit only renders with the processor i might keep this laptop and overclock the 2920Xm , as i understad this processor is up for it

    I paid 2985$ for this laptop which i tought at the moment i was a pretty good deal but would you recommend me to take it back and build a desktop or will the desktop go over my budget...?


  3. You can certainly get more horsepower with that amount of money from a desktop rig that you could build yourself. Also, OCing a notebook, especially a Dell, is next to impossible.

    My advice, build the desktop you want vice living with the Dell (don't get me wrong, that is a nice rig).
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