Advanced Clock Calibration (Per Core) setting

I have a Sempron 145 that I am trying to unlock the second core.

I have set "Advanced Clock Calibration" to "Auto" and computer will POST, but Windows crash on booting.

I already read on other forums that many were able to get the second core working by setting to "Per Core" and playing with the percent.

My "Per Core" option has from -12% all the way to +12%. The default is -2%.

If I manipulate the setting, do I run the risk of damaging my processor? Also, does this setting affect the VCore?

This image is from another user, but the settings are very similar to mine.
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  1. You can play around with the per core settings all you want without worry. Taking it up on the dormant core will only decrease your chances of success. Try taking it down. But I'd say your dormant core was turned off for a reason. It was defective and therefore the CPU sold as a single core.
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