Club3D HD6670

Hello Community,

Dell Vostro 200 Mini Tower

CPU: E6550 Core 2 Duo 2.33Ghz (Upgraded from stock Pentium dual core 1.66Ghz)
GPU: Club3D Radeon HD6670 1Gb DDR3 (Upgraded from HD4550)
PSU: Antec 480true 480w (Upgraded from stock 300W supply)
RAM: 3Gb DDR2 667mhz(Upgraded from stock 1Gb)
O/S:Windows 7 Ultimate
HDD: 145Gb Stock(can't honestly remember model, shouldn't matter regarding my question)

If i missed anything feel free to let me know.

My problem is this:-

I recently purchased a new graphics card, Club 3D HD 6670 upgrading from XFX HD4550, When I Installed this new card, It seemed to work fine, after installing all the drivers and Catalyst control Center, Until I Took a look at the AMD Overdrive settings under the performance tab on CCC, Overdrive was clocking my GPU and Memory clock speeds at 100mhz and 150mhz respectivly.

Thinking this may just be a feature that slows the clocks when the GPU is at a low level, so I tried a game, booted up Battlefield: Bad Company 2(which the HD4550 handled fine on medium settings) and found myself plagued by Framerates of 5-9.

So I Came out of the game and took a closer look at the settings, on both CCC and ATI Tray Tools V, when trying to over clock the GPU and Memory to the apparent stock speeds of 800Mhz and 1000Mhz(I think) once i applied the new settings my Monitor spacked out with multiple Resolution changes while the PC Froze and displayed a succession of White, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow snow(sorry can think of no other way to describe it) this continued for about 3-5 more Res Changes before the Blue screen of death and a memory dump.

My Question is simply this..... WTF?

You see im an intermediate level PC user, Primarily a PC Gamer and this is simply something i've never come across before, at first i though it might be a power problem so i checked and sure enough my stock 300w PSU was below the minimum requirement of 400W, luckily i had a spare 480W PSU floating about from another machine, so a quick swap over later try the PC works fine, boot windows, check GPU speed... 100Mhz. Ok so now I know its not a Power problem, so I start 'googleing' the issue... 4 hours later, NOTHING, can find no reference to anyone suffering this same issue.

So Here I Am please can somebody shed some light, are my New Card and/or Old assed PC royally F**ked, or am I missing something really simple thats gonna make me look like a right pleb when someone points it out to me. Any and All help Appreciated, I was really looking forward to this new card.


Paddy B
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  1. I would presume the card bad and return it! RMA.
  2. dunno what was causing the problem but solved it by removing the card cleaning the motherboard of dust, replacing the card on the mobo and uninstalling and reinstalling all software and drivers, card works fine now
  3. Good cleaning every 3-6months is always good practice, it is hard to imaging that it was only dust that created your problem but then again if it is in the slot who knows.
  4. it may not have been dust, very little came out when i blew in the slot and i tend to keep my PC relatively clean, could've been dust, could've the software spacking out, could've been the card was sat uncomfortably, could've been DPMS(Digital pre menstrual stress), it is a Vostro 200 and Dells are very temperamental creatures, all that really matters is I have a new GFX card and am able to play Battlefield 3 at medium settings with 30 - 40FPS all on an unemployed persons budget without resorting to annoyingly basic console gaming
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