Does this specs run BF3 or re6 smoothly?

im planning to buy pc that can handle bf3 or re6 in middle or high settings...
does this specs good for it?

Amd A8 3870k
Asus F1a75 -M L/E A75 VSL/DDR3
Kingston Hyper X 8Gb
500Gb HDD
Chassis w/600 PSU

if someone have a great and affordable set of parts, pls tell me and if its ok tell me why its better than my list..

thanks everyone..
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  1. You can't play any of those games without a graphics card.
  2. but they say a8 3870k have an onboard gpu.. so if it gpu cant handle the games graphic what kind of graphics should i buy?

    thanks allanitomwesh..
  3. You're best off looking for a discrete/add-in card.

    decide how much you're willing to spend then check out the best graphics card for the money article here:,review-32501.html
  4. The onboard gpu won't get you past HD movies and light 2D gaming. The graphics card depends on your monitor resolution and how much power your processor can handle. In this case the best card would be a gtx 560ti.
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