Windows 7/Adobe CS & PCIe 3.0 Support???

Does Windows 7 and Adobe Creative Suite 5 support PCIe 3.0? I assume not but, could they support it with a new service pack or update? Or will that require new software altogether to support PCIe 3.0?
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  1. I was under the impression that was more of a Motherboard/Processor technology. Just like video games don't "support" PCIe 2.0, I wouldn't anticipate CS5 "supporting" PCIe3.0, it would be enabled by the applicable hardware.

    Not to say they wouldn't work, just that I wouldn't think there would be a specific need to support it, it would just do what it's told with what is available.
  2. Well, that would make sense if that's how it works. I'm not an IT guy so that's why I had to ask. So, asking if Windows 7 or Adobe Creative Suite "support" PCIe 3 is an irrelevant question then? They simply aren't required to support it so it's a moot point? They support it indirectly via the hardware then, ie mobo, chipsets, CPU, GPU etc that do support PCIe 3?
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