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Which fan design is better for a CPU cooler?

This one-

(same fan but different colour side view).

Or this one-

I don't mean heatsink design aswell only fan.
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  1. Depends on the case layout for the 2.
    eg. If you don't have tall RAMs near the processor and you have a intake fan at the back then the Blue fan is a good buy.

    If you have a case with vents on the side panel just opposite the processor and tall RAMs next to the CPU and a Top Mounting PSU , then the black one is better.
  2. Well i have a HP, i came without a case fan and still hasn't got one...

    Only got the PSU fan and CPU fan (got the first one on my hand).

    And i haven't got tall RAM.
  3. Does it have a vent or mesh on the side panel opposite the processor?
  4. Yep.
  5. Good, then use the first fan, the blue one.
    Reason, it'll be able to suck in fresh air through the vent and also circulate the air around the CPU keeping the air around the RAMs cooler.

    Black Fan Airflow:

    I couldn't find a suitable diagram for the blue fan but basically, it sucks in air from the sides too.... making the air circulate over RAMs and Mosfets, keeping the rig cooler.
  6. Good to know, how about sticking a fan on the side panel (with zip ties or something).
  7. Not needed.
    If you have enough flow around the case and things aren't heating up too much, you can do without the extra fan.
  8. Thanks for the info.
  9. Quote:
    Well i have a HP, i came without a case fan and still hasn't got one...

    Only got the PSU fan and CPU fan (got the first one on my hand).

    And i haven't got tall RAM.

    In your situation fan ratings are more important than design, the two fan styles pictured one 7blade and 1 9blade, could easily be outputting the same airflow rating which would mean the exact same airflow.

    Different noise levels as the 7blade fans are louder pushing the same CFM rating.

    If you're a little on the adventurous side and a little tool handy you could possibly do a case mod maybe add a blowhole to the top of the case if there's room to do it? Possibly Maybe?

    Adding a fan to the side with zip ties is definitely an option or you could pickup a wire frame fan guard and mount the fan on the outside.

    The picture above is using old fan frames with the motor spider cut out used for shrouds.

    A fan mounted outside the case can give you options you just don't have, for one you can choose the size fan that best fits your needs whether your case was designed for it or not.

    It can take a poor airflow machine and turn it into a cooling dream.

    These are just some shared ideas, if you don't have the ability to do case modding you won't be interested, but if you do have case modding ability these are some ideas you may not have thought about.

    Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it!

    120mm and 140mm fans are covered in the Cooling Fan Roundup in my sig.
  10. Its warm in the case (HP Pavilion with 1GB RAM and GT 430) but the CPU maxes out at 55c (100% load) , idle temp i,m not sure about, it doesn't really idle, and the GPU is 38c at idle.

    A case fan would probably help, the PSU is being used as a exhaust case but i,m not what size i need (bigger than 80mm and smaller than 120mm, my guess is 92mm).
  11. Those are good temps.
    If you're ok with increasing the noise levels then you could go for the case fan, but, IMO you really don't need one.
  12. Managed to get the max load temps down around 5-7c by using a 3 pin to molex connector, still kinda quiet (the hard drive being the loudest thing in the case thanks to vibration).
  13. Try using a HDD mounting rubber stud(s) to get the vibrations down.
  14. Would bubble wrap work?
  15. :) nope, bubble wrap isn't the best of ideas. You could try to cut a rubber tube instead eg car , cycle etc. or just use the styrofoam packing that some electrical components are shipped in.
  16. How about washers on the screws?

    And styrofoam is the black spongy stuff right.
  17. The white 2mm thick plastic type of packing material.
    Rubber washers will help a lot the problem is getting them to slide between the HDD and the tray.
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