HP laserjet p2055 Duplex Printing

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not sure if this is the right part of the forum but I t seemed to be the best fit

I have a user in a remote office where they have a laserJet p2055. The Pcs are windows 7

When one user prints to letter headed paper in tray 2 the printer takes the sheet flips it then prints on the back of the page

I was sceptical at 1st but they have confirmed that the paper is loaded face down I have been through the driver settings and the paper handling menu on the printer but cant see any setting that looks like it would cause the paper to flip prior to printing

Has anyone seen this before or have any idea what this could be?

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  1. Could be a 'print header page'-option either in the driver or the application. That is normally used to separate network print jobs. If it's empty or not properly defined, you will see this result.
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