Antec 900 vs haf 912 advaced

I am about to buy my first ever gaming pc but a little confused in selecting the case i have narrowed my choice to 2 cases that is antec 900 or cm haf 912 advanced in my region both are almost of the samed price and i do like both the cases as far as looks are conceerned but featue wise I have very little idea.

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  1. I have three Antec 900's. I really like them.

    But I bought them back when they were about the first real gaming case. Today, I would buy something different.

    Between the two, I would go with the HAF 912 today.
  2. well if I I go with the antec 900 would there be any problem or the haf 912 has better cable mamngemnt
  3. I personally bought a haf 912 case because of the cable management and the fact I could remove the middle hdd cage. It holds two 3.5 drives and two 2.5 drives with the middle cage taken out which was plenty for my build. It has plenty of cable ties and about an inch of spacing behind tray for tons of cable management room. Not the forget spaces cut out to run all your cables. If the haf is cheaper i'd go with it over the antec 900.
  4. thanks for all your advice i think I might go with a haf 912 advanced
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