Erratic cpu temp and fan rpm dropping to 0

I have a i5 2400k on a p8p67 le motherboard. the system was built 3 months ago, all temps seemed normal. now in the last two weeks i have noticed jumps to 70c which I never have seen before. Also i have seen weird spikes in cpu usage but unable to nail which process is causing and cpu fan dropping to 0rpms( getting warning from asus suite ). The system has a 500w power supply, a gtx 560ti, a ssd hybrid drive, 8 gigs of kingston ram. I have ran maleware scans with norton, mcafee, malewarebytes and it finds nothing. The idle temp is 33c, but can go to 50 just launching IE . I loaded sc2 and all cpu cores went to almost 100% and the temp rose to 70c which I have never seen before. I cleaned case out with air, not much dust but a modest amount, but didnt fix issue. I also use cpuid hardware monitor and fan seems to be at 1800rpm... I cant seem to put my finger on issue but the system is just running different. Please help!!!!! Bios version 1101
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    Also getting this error multiple times a day atleast 55 an hour, if this means anything. found it in event viewer.
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