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4870 Dual PSU question.

Hey guys,
I just bought a 4870HD, I know its very old and doesnt support Dx 11 or oGL 4...but I figured it'll take a long time to migrate games to pure Dx 11 and I got the card for VERY LOW price.
So my question is, I'm on a very tight, as for the PSU requirements, a well branded 500 watt PSU as recommended is beyond my reach for next couple of months, so i was thinking of buying a separate 450 watt PSU to power the GPU alone, along with the 450 watt i already have installed in my system. Its no big deal for me to hack my cabinet and make room for another psu....the question I wanted to ask is....the PSU is am thinking about, lacks PCI e connectors, and I am gonna use the 4 to 6 converters to power up the GPU....4 of the 4 pin would yield two of the 6 pin to be precise.
I'll use the paper clip method to load the PSU but the 12V rail provides 19 amps is what i read on the label. So would it yield at least....12X19 watts in total? and would it be enough for the GPU? I've read 4870 easily chugs about 160 watts and I guess even if the ratings labelled are 3-4 amps off, I'll still have enough power to feed the card?
One of the 450 watts PSU will be used to provide only the GPU and the other one will feed i3 2100 processor, DH61WW intel mobo, a corsair 4 GB ram @1333, a 500GB sata HDD.
Would it work? Buying a 500 watt PSU is totally beyond my reach as of now btw.
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    ok, dont use the `paper clip method. thats worth a quick fix, but not for the long hual imo. instead, splice the two wires your going to jump into the main 24 pins cables, so that it turn on/off with the other one.

    second, yes, you could use molex adapters, and further, if you wanted to get froggy, you could open up the psu and combine the rails to single or more 12v outs, and terminate them with a 6-8 pin as needed. just ensure that if you combine rails, do the same for the grounds. or, run a single wire or two from each rail (marked on the psu pcb) to the 6-8 pin.
  2. thanks man!! :bounce: I'm gonna have a busy modding day tomorrow :D
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