HX650 Vs TX650 Vs TX650M

I have to choose between these psu's
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    prmtvr said:
    I have to choose between these psu's

    HX650 is a gold rated power supply and is modular(all cables are removable except 8pin and 24pin which have to be used )

    TX650 is a bronze rated power supply and IS NOT modular(all cables are hardwired)

    TX650M is the regular TX650 but it is semi-modular(some molex and sata cables are hardwired too)

    I hope this helps! :)
  2. Ill go for the tx650m :) its in my budget and is modular. ill be using molex and sata cables anyway
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  4. The new model HX650, model HX650 (75-001230), is 80+ Gold but the original HX650, model CMPSU-650HX, was 80+ Bronze; I point this pot because both boxes would be labelled as the HX650. What is your budget? What are your system specs? Where are you buying? All three are great PSUs...I wouldn't have an issue recommending any of them so I'd probably chose the least expensive of the three.
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