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Moniter with DVI input only detects Analog signal

If this needs to be moved sorry. Okay I was given a MAG LT776s Monitor that my buddy was unable to make function. In my deep need to try to make everything work. I have spent far to much time messing with this stupid thing. He had no power supply so I spliced one with the correct connector with correct voltage, amps etc. Anyway after getting power I was unable to get a signal through the only port on the monitor which is a DVI port.

For the heck of it I decided to run a D sub cable with a plug converter to the moniter and it ended up functioning. I unplugged the monitor and hooked up to another PC I had with a with a duel dvi card ATI control center is telling me the monitor is an anolog monitor when hooked up with the DVI cable and I am getting no signal.

How in the world could this monitor with only a DVI input be and only except an analog signal. I really would like to use my video card (nx7900gt) rather than onboard video and a digital signal which the monitor should be capable of. Are there any specific drivers for the monitor. Can't find them anywhere online if there are.
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    Its entirely possible to have a DVI input that only accepts analog, since DVI can carry analog as well. Since you ran a plug converter and in affect gave it an analog signal and it worked its very reasonable to assume its analog only, if it were digital that wouldn't have worked. Its age and the fact that it has no VGA port makes that more likely, but considering its resolution and screen size analog is fine.

    Whats most likely going on is that you are using a DVI-D cable that is missing the analog pins. There's usually not any reason to have them because if you needed to use an adapter you would use it at the GPU then output on VGA, and almost all monitors with DVI are digital so they are unecessary. A DVI-A or DVI-I cable should work if this is the case. The other option is to use two converters that have the analog pins and use a VGA cable to connect them.

    See wikipedia to check the pins to see if your using a DVI-D cable
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  3. Thanks. I think you are exactly right. This is an older monitor than I am used to and didn't realize they made Digital visual interface ports that could only except an analog signal. Seems a little redundant. And would at least expect to see a VGA there also. I was aware of DVI-I cables. But figured that would be more because you had some application you needed an analog signal for. I guess if I would have thought it through it should have added up.

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