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7970 or 590 or 6990 or 2x 580 SLI??

Hi everybody,

So I'm thinking of buying a new motherboard and in doing so I need a new GPU.

So the cards I'll have the money for and are what I would probably want would be the 7970 or 590 or 6990 or 2x 580's SLI, so any ideas what I should get??
Btw I will be getting a ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z Gen3 Motherboard which has PCIe 3.0 support.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. 7970 SLI, same price as GTX 580 SLI. You will only get benefits from PCIe 3.0 if you compute with your GPU, otherwise u have no benefit.
  2. I would say GTX 580's SLI imo
  3. Go For a 7970 , it's the fastest Single GPU Card out , it's faster than a single 580 and a little slower that 2 of them and keep in mind that games usually work better with single Gpus ( 590 and 6990 both beeing Dual GPU cards )
    and if u really find yourself in need of more 3D "HorsePower" u can alway Crossfire it with another 7970
  4. Whatever you do, don't get the has underclocked parts and outputs extreme heat, due to the dual GPU design.
  5. What resolution will you be using ?
  6. 7970 SLI is a no brainer, and still very early in its life cycle so you can expect more performance with each driver release.
  7. First off, 7970 can't SLI, it crossfires, just so there is no confusion.

    I also noticed in your question you were comparing a single 7970 vs 2 580's. Is there a reason for this or was there a typo in there?
  8. always the option of the 7950 too....
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    2 * 580 will cost a lot more that a single 7970 , and also have more power consumption ( and to be honest sounds a little Outdated , since new nvidia Gpus are around the corner ... )
    if u want to buy "Right now" and can't w8 to see what nvidia new Gpus have to offer , then i think , as i already said , that the 7970 is the way to go ...
    ( 7970 is a PciE 3.0 Card so plugged into the right MB will be more efficient and with drivers beeing release by AMD it's performance will increase . )
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