Rate my soon to be new build $750

CPU: AMD Athlon 4 core
Video Cards: Dual 550tis sli
Memory: 16gb ddr3
Cooling: Water
Case and motherboard are ok.
If I am missing anything, pm me.
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  1. i think u can get a better Processor like the i5 2500k, also i think there is no need for too much ram.
  2. also, do you already have the 550tis? is there a particular reason you want water cooling? a decent air cooler is pretty cheap when you compare the performance of the two options. What case, what water cooling, what motherboard, what HDD, what OS, what specific ram did you have picked out? Or did you need suggestions for all? Agree with Juni, you should be looking at intel if you are planning on gaming, and 16GB is overkill for most builds, especially gaming.
  3. yeah, water cooling doesn't belong anywhere close to a $750 build. And that's coming from someone who loves water cooling. Unless you are recycling from the last build of course.

    As kelthic said, you need to list all the parts and which ones you already have and which ones you don't.

    Until then, I'd advise against sli 550ti. There are better options. Also, the Athlon 4 is out of date, look at either a phenom II, i3-2120 or i5-2xxx.
  4. $750 is better spent on a i5 2310 ($165) and HD7850 ($250) with room for CF in the future.
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