Networking a USB Printer between Windows 7 and Vista

Ok, so a friend of mine has a USB printer (no WiFi and no Ethernet port) and is trying to use the printer from two different computers, without success. He turned to me for advice but I'm not really much use with networks.

He's got the printer wired via the USB to his Windows 7 computer and that can print fine. But his Windows Vista computer shows the printer as offline no matter what he does. Both computers connect wirelessly to a router and have working internet connections. Both computers have the drivers and software installed (Epson RX520) and if he connects the Vista computer directly the printer via USB it works fine too. Both computers have fille and printer sharing activated. He just can't get it all networked together.

He says it all used to network fine when he had his old desktop running XP but since replacing it with a Windows 7 system it will only work on one Computer or the other, not both.

Anyone any ideas about how to sort this? If there's any more info you guys need just ket me know.

Thanks in advance!
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    share the printer on the Windows 7 computer, then on the Vista computer find the Windows7 computer name on the network and double click on it. This should show the shared printer name. Right click on the printer name and choose Connect.

    if all else fails, you could use one of these.
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