Which 6950 crossfire card would be best?

Well the question in the thread title and this

Which 6950 out of these should i buy?
I plan to unlock and overclock 2 of these in crossfire

Which of these will get me the best temps... and which would you recommend?

2 Diamond 6950's with Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme PLUS II on both (dual bios but aftermarket cooler might void warrant idk about Diamond's Warranty.) Price : $690

2 Twin Frozr III 6950's (doesn't have a dual bios switch and a lot of them don't get 1536 and worried on temps) Price: 640

2 Direct Cu Asus 6950's ( Has Dual Bios and has good rep for unlocking but not sure on temps and noise on the card.) Price: $580

These are the only 6950's that can unlock that i can seem to find in stock online.
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  1. Asus cooling is supposedly good and for the lowest price that would be my option.
  2. I just bought an Asus hd6950 DirectCUII 2GB and i can tell you that you have nothing to worry about with temps and noise. I have mine unlocked and overclocked and the fan doesn't go above 20% when loaded.

    It is an awesome card if you have the room for it.
  3. The Asus DirectCU and MSI Twin Frozr's have some of the best cooling on the market.Shouldn't need to worry about temps with those cards.However the Asus card is a triple slot card.So if your going to crossfire make sure you have the space.

    As for unlocking the cards I have heard that Sapphire makes good cards for that but that was awhile ago.You'll have to research it and check it out.
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