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Mudbox requires ATI or NVIDIA Graphics - but I have them....

Hi guys,
I just bought a new computer, put together by a mate of mine, with being a Maya and Mudbox beast being the primary concern.
I am using the student version of both as I am completing my degree, but it should have the full functionality.
Anyways, I go to load up Mudbox for the first time and it gives me this:

“Unsupported Graphics Hardware: Mudbox requires ATI or NVIDIA graphics. Please click on this link: Certified Hardware ( more information. Exiting [OK]”

Clicking OK kills the app.

Problem is, here are my specs:
CPU/Processor Intel S1155 i7-2600K Quad Core 3.40 GHz, CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO, ASUS P8Z68-V Gen3, Corsair Vengeance 1600C9 16GB, Corsair HX-850, CoolerMaster CM 690 II Advanced, Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA3, Intel 120GB SSD, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and....

ASUS GeForce GTX NVIDIA 570 DirectCU II - With the latest driver installed.

Does anyone know why this is occurring? Though the Mudbox certified hardware list does not include it, it is still NVIDIA, and my understanding is that it should still load, they just don’t guarantee it as having been explicitly tested. I cannot get Mudbox to load, and this is the main reason I needed this souped up computer!
Any help is much appreciated. Has anyone else had this issue?
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  1. Looks like you need a Quadro to meet the system requirements. Have you looked at the product FAQs for any work-arounds?
  2. For a problem this specific I would think you'll get better results on the support forums at autodesk.
  3. When I go to the link it has the GTX-580 (, as well as 480 and a bunch of others. I've seen other users with computer specs for this graphics card for Mudbox also. Is it because I'm using the 64 bit? I went to the Autodesk tech support and got this response:

    "Thank you for contacting Autodesk.

    Support for students is limited to our web based Autodesk student community, a forum that is monitored by our technical support team. I have included the link to our Autodesk Student community.

    Autodesk Discussion Groups link:??

    Should you have any additional questions please respond back via this email."

    I am not much of a techie but had a go looking around and couldn't find any info to help.

    I did just find another bit of info though - I went to the Control Panel-> Hardware and Sound->NVIDIA Control Panel, and I get this error:

    NVIDIA Display settings are not available. You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU.

    The guy who built it used my other monitor (DELL 4:3) and I currently have connected a DELL 16:9 monitor. Maybe the graphics card is installed but there is some issue that the monitor is not using it correctly?

    I have no idea how to tell. I might try the other monitor.
  4. I've also posted at the Autodesk one. The first guys response was 'no idea'...
  5. 64-bit Win 7 should not be an issue. Are you 100% that you have the latest GeForce drivers installed properly?
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    Bit of an odd thing to ask, but are you sure you have your monitor plugged into your graphics card? Your mobo has an integrated GPU and the only thing I can think of is that your monitor is plugged into that instead.
  7. I take small solice in knowing that I just solved this problem prior to reading jdog2pt0's answer. Yes, it was plugged into the motherboard and I am an idjet. Thanks people :)
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