Build Llano or Buy Trinity?

Right now HP is selling trinity: (take out _ in ht_tp to see it)on amazon.
It's kinda expensive though. I think I could build a Llano for far cheaper.

Should I build a Llano and have better parts for everything else? (faster more reliable dvd, better ram, better powersupply, etc)
Or just get this for trinity? I really want trinity, but don't want to wait till it gets here.. And I'm not sure if I can wait 2 months. (+ some other reasons)

Almost nothing but good reviews for trinity. Also, if I wait, better motherboards will creep up right? :/

I also do not like how hp cases are made up. This cpu may be able to do with that one fan case, but it seems like heat suicide should I put something else in it.

I was wondering if I should just buy it for the motherbord and cpu, strip it and build something else, but that would probably cost 800 (before resell of parts). Might as well get sandy bridge eh? Heck I could cheap out on other components and get sandy bridge + gpu anyway for about $600 right? (or ivy bridge)
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  1. I wouldn't buy a desktop with laptop parts in it, just my $0.02.
  2. This one has the desktop trinity apu not the laptop version. The specs says so, unless it is false advertising.
  3. The specs say it has an A10-4600M in it. M for mobile, which would be a laptop part.

    Unless I am mistaken.

    Edit: Not really related to your decision or anything, but I'm just curious as to why it has 10GB of RAM. Seems a rather odd amount.
  4. I got mistaken on the APU part, it has a A10-5700.

    I guess HP are being generous...
  5. Now I am confused. Obviously trinity is better. But..

    Is it mobile? Is it the desktop version that was oem'd?

    I looked at some comments and here is the product specs for what hp is selling:

    Otherwise thank you for the reviews.

    Here is another one:

    still not sure what I should do though
  6. Hm. Seems there's conflicting information on the two different spec lists on Amazon, but I'd wager the one claiming it's got a desktop chip in it would be the correct one (considering the other sheets too).

    A bit of a dilemma you're in, though. I'd only really consider APUs for their value - a lot of which is lost when buying from companies like HP. But I also think building with Llano is a bit of a waste, at this point - it doesn't perform up to par (in gaming) as other, similarly priced options do.

    So, the way I see it, the two options are either wait or build something else (eg, Pentium G850 + Radeon 7770 or similar, depending on budget).
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