Will 650W psu be enough for 2x 7850's and 3770k?

i will buy corsair hx650, can i run 7850 crossfire on it?
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  1. You should be fine, I ran a pair of 460s with an i7 930 OCed on that PSU, but I would upgrade to the 750w version just to be sure considering that you haven't bought it yet.
  2. A system with a single HD 7850 requires a 450W PSU with one 75W 6-pin PCIe power connector and should have 28A on the 12V rails. A system with two HD 7850s running in two-way Crossfire mode requires a 600W PSU with two 75W 6-pin PCIe power connectors and should have at least 36A on the 12V rails. The HX650 has 52A or 54A on the 12V rail (new version has 54A and the original has 52A) and both have sufficient PCIe power connectors. Yes, the HX650 is sufficient for running two HD7850s in CF.
  3. hushhush000 said:
    i will buy corsair hx650, can i run 7850 crossfire on it?

    You WILL be fine and not even pushing it, the hx650 is gold rated and can support 4 6pin pci connectors

    1 78750 uses on 1 6pin pcie connector

    you can crossfire and OC your cpu without any problem,

    PS: I saw your 3770k price in india thread, I got my hx650 for rs.6500
  4. a few AMD 7850's use two 6-pin power connectors


    Power Connector 2 x 6 Pin

    like the others have said, the HX650 will power your set up
  5. If OP gets HD7850s that require two 6-pin PCIe power connectors then the new HX650 does not have sufficient PCIe connectors. The new 80+ Gold HX650, model HX650 (75-001230), only has two 75W 6-pin PCIe power connectors.

    The older HX650, model CMPSU-650HX, had four 75W 6-pin PCIe power connectors and would support a Crossfire of HD7850s requiring two PCie connectors each for a total of four.

    Bottom line is that there are differences between the old and new HX650 models; be sure which model you are getting and how many PCIe power connectors each HD7850 requires.
  6. Yes you will be fine. 7850s only take one 6 pin each. I have 2x 4870s on a Corsair 650 (using adapters on one card) and it works.

    Edit: I should add, the 4870 uses more power than the 7850
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