Sapphire 7950 OC edition crash often

Hi guys

Recently got my hands on the sapphire OC edition of the 7950 card. installed it and booted up and everything was pristine and beautiful, and I played a 3 or 4 hour session of skyrim on maxed out settings and went to bed. the next day, I turn on my computer to continue my skyrim adventures, and I get a black screen only 2 minutes into the game (audio still playing). ever since, I can't seem to play any game for long before getting a black screen crash... I've opened up my computer and checked everything a few times, and don't think I made any mistakes with the connections. I've even switched to a different PCIe slot, same issue (tho I also got a 2 or 3 hour gaming session out of it)

My rig:
Asus p8z68 mobo
i5 2500k defaulted to mobo OC (4.4Ghz, vcore between 9-1.33v)
corsaire vengence 16G DDR3 1600mghz ram
thermaltake grand 1050W 80+ gold
sapphire radeon 7950 OC edition gpu

BTW, how can I share a minidump file?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Have you tried declocking your cpu a bit ?
  2. no... will try it... thought sapphire tested their OCes...
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    Yeah it shouldn't be doing that at all if you haven't pushed the clocks any higher. Did you happen to try flipping the BIOS switch to the other position?

    I have the same card as you and I could swear that I was getting a little bit of artifacting in Skyrim at stock settings but it was rare. Since then I have bumped the voltage up a bit and gotten a nice overclock on it and have not experienced any issues.
  4. rolled back to refrence card settings and tried bumping the voltage up a bit in factory OC settings, neither fixed my problems... a friend of mine has a sapphire 7950 refrence card, I borrowed and tried it and everything was smooth (just a bit louder fan)... think I'm going to have to RMA it
  5. Have RMAed it. I guess that's the end of that. now to either get a new one or wait for kepler LOL. oh the graphics card waiting games
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