Looking for benchmarks on GPUs specifically for video transcode

Hi everyone,

I have been looking around for a few months off and on for a list of graphic cards that are rated based on their transcode performance. I would like to compare the benchmarks and prices to make sure I get the best I can on my budget.

I am basically taking years of vhs video, capturing them into AVI's to my pc so I can have the best quality backup. Then I am using a converting program transcode them into a MP4's for my iPad.

I found a program called Xilisoft that supports NVidia CUDA for video conversion. The problem is that I currently do not have a CUDA card, so I am not able to take advantage of the speed.

I see benchmarks out there for gaming purposes, but not really anything for what I am doing. Does anybody have any suggestions on benchmarks I should be looking for?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. more for quicksync benchies but should give you a view of ATI and Nvidia

    a review on QUALITY: APP Versus CUDA Versus Quick Sync (but you might want to read the whole article)

    though to summarize in my words, if you are encoding/transcoding vhs tapes, to get the best quality, use software based CPU encoding, slow but better. though vhs tapes most likely will not have the quality of a dvd let alone a blue ray. so its your own decision

    btw, xillisoft video converter supports both cuda and app. :)
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