Wanted: Suggestions on a new case

Been using some random mid tower case from Newegg for $20 for the past 5 years, across various builds. I think it's time that I treat myself to an actual gaming case, do you guys have any suggestions?

Requirements: I really like the mid tower size, on the occasions when I do need to move it, it's pretty easy to move. Lets say I only want an ATX Mid Tower.

Limits: Right now anything above $120 is a no-no I think (If there is a really really good case that's just slightly more than this, than I will think about it). Cases around $100 dollars are okay, and anything below that is good.

Desired results: Easy wire management, and very good cooling. I do not care for side panel windows, I don't frequently show off my desktop's beauty. If it so happens that the best case that has good wiring and cooling, as well as a side panel window, that's fine.

Thanks a bunch for your responses!
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  1. Cases are a personal thing. Go ahead and buy one you love. As you know, you will be looking at it for a long time.
    I assume you need a case that will accomodate a full ATX motherboard. If not, there are some nice compact M-ATX cases out there.

    I would look at the lian li cases. They are top quality with some interesting designs.
    Here is the Lancool PC-K7B for $80:
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