Can't figure out what to do as far as my controller goes with fans!

Okay, so on my build I'm watercooling and using a 360 and a 240 rad. I want to use 120mm 4-pin PWM fans on the radiators so I can control their speed. However, I want to control their speed using a fan controller, such as the FC5V2 by Lamptron. The problem is, that controllers like these only have 3-pin connectors and therefore don't support PWM - only voltage. That wouldn't be such a problem, EXCEPT, I've bought radiator with low FPI so I can run the fans slow and quiet when needed. I've heard many problems with 3-pin connectors turning the fan off completely if the voltage goes below 50%, which means that I could not run my fans under 50% - completely eliminating the usefulness of my low FPI rads. I would just plug these fans into my MOBO and let it control them automatically, however, there isn't enough connections to hook them all up. HELP. I was looking at an adapter on FrozenCPU that would convert my fans from 4 to 3-pin, but if I can't run the fans slower than 50% I might as well just throw my money away instead of buying those. What can I do?
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  1. get a pwm fan controller
  2. popatim said:
    get a pwm fan controller

    As far as I'm seeing, they don't make any. Lamptron's controllers are all 3-pin, and I've seen a couple that connect to the motherboard with a 4-pin for PWM, but no controllers that actually accept a PWM fan.
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