Toshiba Satellite L305 not POSTing

Problem: Toshiba Satellite L305 not booting at all, no fans running, no POST, just seems completely dead except for a green AC light and an orange battery light.

Diagnosis: I've tested both the AC Adapter and battery with a multimeter and both seem to be functional. I tried to boot it up with the battery out and AC in and vice versa to no avail. I tried taking both the battery and AC out and pressing the power button for 30 seconds then putting the battery and AC back in.

I tried taking one of the RAM sticks out and then alternating. I opened it up to motherboard level and tested the DC jack wiring with the multimeter and it has voltage. I tested the power button with the multimeter and it functions.

I tested the CMOS battery and it was dead, usually that wouldn't cause such problems but I'm thinking what if there's like a 1% chance that that's it. It's rechargeable however and probably just recharges when you boot the computer up.

You guys have any ideas as to what's going on?

Next, I'm going to try taking hardware off one by one and see if any of those things are the problem.
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    "Next, I'm going to try taking hardware off one by one and see if any of those things are the problem. "

    Exactly right. Look for mini-pci card like network and pull it. remove all memory. remove hard drive. remove anything you can pull off. Listen for beep codes or other post indicators. Good Luck

    (I'm assuming no fans = short or power problem somewhere. Else the fans would at least burp on. Any sign of the had drive spinning up?)
  2. Thanks for the reply. I stripped the computer down yesterday and as I thought it wasn't any of the hardware. Guess it was just a faulty motherboard. Neither the fan nor the HDD were spinning up or anything. Just dead except for the AC and battery lights.
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