Is the Intel i7 3770k any different to the Intel i7 3770?

Im hoping to make a new PC gaming RIG, to play most games on highest graphical settings.
I dont have a huge budget to spend so i think the i7 extreme edition is going a bit over the top.
So if anyone could tell me the difference between the intel i7 3770k and the i7 3770 id appreciate it.

The rest of the specs for the new pc are:
8GB DDR3 Corsiar 1330mhz
Intel Z77 Chipset Motherboard
Nvidia GTX 660 Ti
1TB Hard drive...ect
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  1. The 3770K is unlocked so you can overclock, thats the main difference.
    The 3770K is also clocked 100 MHz faster (stock) than the 3770 (3.5GHz vs 3.4 GHz).

    The ability to overclock the Intel® Core™ i7-3770K is the big one but there are a couple other differences like Intel Core i7-3770 support VT-d and TXT (business level virus protection feature.
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