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Good solutions for internal instant messaging?

I had an instance at my company where several IM accounts on our network got hacked (weird IMs, obscene images popping up, that sort of thing) and I'm looking for a closed internal solution for this that will only allow computers on our network to use IM without outside sources. What is a good solution for this? Does one exist? And where can I find info about it?
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  1. I've heard of companies using Chit chat (for some reason I can only find the Facebook version, the one i'm talking about doesn't use facebook).

    Internal chat apparently is not too bad I believe it's Java based so you can run it on any OS with JAVA support:
  2. The bad thing about Internal Chat is that it's Java-based. And I think that's what allowed people to hack IM accounts in the first place. I'd be more concerned with security on that front.

    What my boss is looking for is something that we can get on like a $10 - $20 / user license on a 60 person network. Something that we can monitor closely and something where it's easier for someone not to intrude on the network. Does such a thing exist?
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    AFAIK even though it is java based - it has to be hosted on your internal server, which is a good thing as you do not want an external based messaging system (ICQ, yahoo, etc).

    So in that case it should be pretty secure (needs the server client, as well as the user client). Basically you shouldn't have anyone sending obscene things as it is hosted on your own server.

    I wouldn't outright dismiss it, it has some good features like keeping the history of the messaging, file sharing (can be disabled), work time counted (not sure how useful that is).

    I found that as well. A payable version that appears to start at 11$ per client. Doesn't require internet connection, as well doesn't require a server component.

    The only thing I found was that it mentions it saves messages - however lacking a server component it appears the messages would be stored locally (not a good thing).

    There's also this: Pink Notes

    It is a similar install to the one I suggested, comes with 30 day free trial but not sure of the cost. It requires a server component as well as a client component - and messages can be archived.

    It seems like a decent alternative and possibly what you might be looking for. I'm sure somebody else could suggest something better.
  4. Awesome, thanks, this will be hugely helpful.

    Anything that has a server component is what we'll need for sure.
  5. StoyanK said:
    Brosix Enterprise is exactly what you are looking for !

    - Brosix can be hosted on our optimized servers or on your own server !
    - You can easily create and manage your own corporate instant messaging network with Brosix for your business
    - Full control over your instant messaging network and many collaboration features - screen-sharing, screenshot sending, co-browsing, remote control,
    - Full set of features
    - High security for your corporate sensitive data - 256 bit encryption
    - Works on multiple platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux
    - Works on most of the smartphones (Android and iOS - iphone, ipad ) so you can keep an eye on the communication even when the employees are out of the office

    I have to say I like this one too - how much is it per user?
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  7. Which one did you end up going with g unit? Interested for future reference.

    And thanks for the best answer!
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