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Video cards not getting detected at startup problem

Hello, ive been getting a weird problem with my computer, i thought it was jsut a one time thing , a rare occurrence but it happened again.

Problem is my video cards arent properly starting up when i turn on my computer, they appeard with a yellow exclamation point in device manager, to fix the problem i have to disable them in device manager and enable them again. I have to do this everytime i start my computer and its getting me worried, are my video cards dying or something?, they dont seem to have a problem at all , after i enable them i can play heavy games like battlefield 3 for hours without no problem so i dont think the cards are in any way damaged, it just they are having problems when i turn on my pc for some reason.

Can anybody please shed light on this problem im having and give me a solution if you have any, thank you.

Idk what cause it, ive been thinking about it and i didnt do anything different before it happened, i was playing a game then i shut it off then next time i turned the pc on thats whats been happening.
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  1. Update:

    I remember something i did before shutting it off before it started happening, i uninstalled something called "Nvidia Update" cause i thought it wasnt important, is it?

    Currently reinstalling drivers to see if that fixes it, i hope it does .
  2. Update:

    Reinstalled drivers and now i cannot enable Sli, i no longer have the option to turn SLI on, wth is going on?!?. Jesus christ this is giving me a panic attack
  3. My SLI option is gone and idk what to do help!!!, both cards are detected in evga precision, i can get a temp reading from both, and both are present in device manager, both are also present in nvidia control panel, but the problem is no SLI!!!, just Physx option wth!! help!!!! im going crazy here !$!%.

    I have already reinstalled drivers twice!, even did driver sweeps before installing them and no luck, i reseated my cards and still no luck ahh!!, i even changed the sli bridge and nothing.
  4. Holy*!!!, i finaly fixed it thank god, i did an uninstall for the video cards in device manager and let it reinstall all the base chipset drivers again (not nvidia drivers) and it worked!!!. THANK YOU GODDD, jesus i was afraid i burnt $1500 worth of video cards, damn.
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    Yeah it was a driver issue I have encountered it myself. You wont burn your cards if you simply keep things stock, have a decent case and keep the various cooling fans clean.
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    Somebody please help me!!!, im begging you!!, SLI option not appearing
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