Will a Radeon HD 6770 run on a 400w PSU?

I know I have read some forums about some of this stuff but I was wondering what if im not going to be hard core gaming and more of video editing with this card.

Im about to purchase


I know it comes with a 300w PSU and I have a 400w in my old PC wouldn't that mean I would have enough to run a 6770?

This is the card I have been looking at.


If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. thanks
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  1. It all depends on what 400watt PSU, HD6770 runs fine on modern quality 400watt PSU's.
  2. whats ur psu
  3. You should be fine! I had my overclocked 6970 run on a Corsair VX 550w!
  4. Alright thank you = )
  5. cyxryan said:

    Not my favorite brand (generally considered crap). They do not list the +12 volt amp rating if 20+amp it should work.
  6. Yes that PSU is crap but it will do the Job. It has two 12v rails and 14a on 12v1 and 15a on 12v2 Here is the link to this Dynex PSU. One tell the story and testing and another shows the lable.

    The third link is the chart of good to worse PSU's Tier 1 good Tier 5 bad. I hope these links help you and Good luck



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