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Hey guys (first post here :P), so i've had the i5-2400 3,1 GHz for about 6 months now, not oc'd or anything (due to my motherboard --') and it stays on 54ºC idle.
Recently i started to upload videos on youtube. The problem is that when i render a video (on sony vegas pro 11) the temperatures go way up, until like 80ºC. I have a pretty good case with 3 fans in it.
Is this normal? Should i get a new cpu cooler and stop making videos until then?
Thank you..
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  1. What is your current CPU cooler?
  2. the standard one i believe :S
  3. Get a hyper 212, thier only 20$.

    That SHOULD solve your problem.

    Make sure that your 3 fans are moving air through your system, pulling in from the front, blowing hot air out the back.

    Update your bios (if your confident about it), and check your power saving settings. Make sure all is well in your BIOS.
  4. Thank you!
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