HD 5850 driver problem

After reinstalling windows 7 and installing the latest drivers for my HD5850 card (Catalyst 12.1) my system boots to a screen with only the background graphic and a cursor - no start button, desktop icons or taskbar.

If I restart in safe mode all are there, but a generic driver is being use since the boot stops before the driver is loaded. If I uninstall the ati driver it boots normally so it appears to be a driver or win7 problem.

Things did work before the reinstall so I doubt it's a problem with the card. Any ideas? I'd like to get back to 1080p and proper aspect ratio.

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  1. Try an older version of the AMD driver!
  2. I already tried the driver that came with the card but no go. Thanks anyway.
  3. Looks to be windows problem then!
  4. I noticed that the monitor and graphics card had the same driver so I switched from DVI to an HDMI for the monitor. I was then able to load appropriate drivers and things are working now.

    I then noticed that CCC 11.12 was loaded and the latest is 12.1, further investigation indicated that the 12.1 driver has problem so I decided to leave well enough alone

    Thanks again. I posted this as I hate it when someone just says IT'S FIXED and doesn't say how.
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