1000$ gaming rig for upcoming guild wars 2

i'd like to be able to play guild wars 2 in high quality with good fps. i have a budget of around 1000 - 1200$ and heres what im considering of buying at the end of this month

i7 3770 Intel ivy bridge processor
P8Z77-v Asus motherboard
Vengeance 1600 c9 Corsair 8GB DDR 3 Ram [dual channel]
GS 600w Corsair power supply unit
Agility 3 series OCZ 60GB sata III / Solid state disc
MSI R6850 Cyclone 1GD5 Power Edition/OC
Hyper 212 Evo Cooler Master CPU cooler
PS06 silverstone mid tower casing

my questions are would the PSU be enough for the build and would the 6850 be good enough to play most games specially games like battlefield 3 and guild wars 2.. im not a hardcore gamer but i like to play games on high detail when i do
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  1. PSU should be enough for any single GPU card at the moment.
    However i would look into either Radeon 6950 or 560Ti as the baseline for graphics performance.
    They are both in the $200 range now thanks to price drops and provide great performance at 1920x1080.

    Also considering SSD prices, like Crucial M4 being on sale for $199 for the 256GB model, if your budget allows it, you might want to go for a higher capacity one.
    120GB+'s are good for OS and a few programs, 240GB+ are good for installing quite a bit.
  2. I would suggest the R7770/ lower power consumption & slightly better over the 6850 & is basically the same price.

    PSU with those parts will work perfectly fine
  3. since i cant newegg or use online shopping & its double to triple expensive where i live.. im having to buy them off malaysia and the shops im looking at. they seem to sell gtx 560 ti pretty expensively. the cards i can afford comes down to 6870, 6850, gtx 550 well 7770 too but im wondering. how much of a difference would it make 256 bit vs the 128 bit 7770.

    and the ssd i would probably only use it for windows since it doesnt improve fps in games
  4. If you are only playing games you could drop the 3770 to a 3570 and save some money or put it towards a bigger GPU.

    Just a thought.
  5. i5's run faster than i7 in games because hyper threading sometimes get in the way when you play games

    i also suggest switching to a modular power supply maybe a seasonic 620. it will make the system more organized and since it will be more organized it will have better air flow and lower temps
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