7770 CF VS 6870 CF

I currently have a GForce 460 1gb card in my system. Im looking to upgrade and looking at two different setups. I bought a CF supported last year just so I could CF in the future it was not in the budget at the time. Dont ask why I bought a Gforce card. . . I dont know. What Im looking at is the 7770 in cf which runs 159.99 on newegg. The 6870 is 164.99. I guess my question is , How much faster will my pc perform with the 7770 CF over the 460 , and is the 6870 alot faster than the 7770. Im thinking since the 700 series is brand new im paying for the newness of it because the 6000 series equivalent is quite a bit less. Also Contemplating to save a bit of cash getting two 6670 but I dont know if it will be much better than my single 460.

System Specs
AMD Phenom 955 clocked at 3.8 per core
12 gig of Gskill Ripjaw series
60 gig Crucial SSD
2 tb on three other HD's
Geforce 460 GTS
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  1. go with hd 6870 CF
  2. I would wait for the release of the 7800 series from AMD. There's a huge hole in between the 7900 series at $440+ and the 7700 series at $150+ that the 7800 series cards should fill and they should be in the price range of ~$300 for a single card. The 7000 series cards run cooler and are more efficient than the 6000 series for not much gain in performance.
  3. Yes but is a single 7800 series card going to out perform a 7770 in CF?
  4. strikerty said:
    Yes but is a single 7800 series card going to out perform a 7770 in CF?

    Good question...

    Does a 6950 outperform 6770's crossfired? A single card solution should always be more efficient than two cards running in Crossfire or SLI
  5. No, a single 7800 series card will not outperform two 7770s in CF
  6. I know in single card mode the 6870 is faster overall then a 7770. But like how the 6850 can pass the 5850 in CF, can the 7770 pass the 6870 in CF as well? I haven't seen any 7770 CF reviews.

    Were you counting rebates? The cheapest 6870 is $145 after rebate.


    Cheapest 7770. Which is $150.

  7. exeedorbit said:
    No, a single 7800 series card will not outperform two 7770s in CF


    Just some charts I found. It may or may not apply to a 7850 for example, since they are not released, yet.
  8. The 7770 is actually slower than the 6850 and the 6870 is 20% faster than the 6850. You should always get the fastest card you can afford and then crossfire later.
  9. Technically slower?


    By 2%. I linked this because it also includes CF results. Slots in "just under"/technically slower then the 6970. Hopefully that chart helps. (One thing I don't like about that chart is it includes all resolutions. You should pay attention only to the the res you play at and the few around it.)
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