PSU is probably dead

When i turn on my PC, my AVR turns on for about 1-2 seconds then it will no longer be usable, my AVR won't turn on, there's no light on the AVR anymore. I have bought a brand new AVR but still the same , when i used it, it was defused.

Before this problem happens, i think there was a brownout and i wasn't able to shut down my computer properly.
Is it a PSU problem? My computer won't start at all.
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  1. There is an easy test that you can do to check and see if you psu is dead , it's called the paper clip test and you can do a google search for it. The test is done by takeing a paper clip and straightening it out and then bend it in a u shape. Take the motherboard 24 pin connector and remove it from the board , then take one end of the clip and stick it in the hole that has the green wire and then take the other end and stick it in the hole that has a black wire and if the psu is still alive this will turn it on. If it doesn't turn on then the psu is dead.
  2. thanks for your reply. I 'm gonna try that out.
    but why is that whatever AVR i used no longer works(no light when i plug it in the socket) when i connect it to my computer?
  3. What is AVR?
  4. Do you need to use it or is it just something that you want to use? If you don't need to use it then have you tried to start your computer without it connected to the Pc.
  5. my computer won't turn on..i try to jumpstart my psu and it's turning problem is when i shutdown the computer and try to use it again..i'll go back to the same step again..i always jumstart my motherboard in order to get started...i don't know whats wrong with my computer..can somebody help me??pls.
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