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I just bought parts for a new PC from newegg and NCIX. I put the PC together, but when I turn it on, it instantly turns off again. I noticed the GPU fan doesn't make an attempt to spin, though I've reseated it. The CPU heatsink fan starts to spin but doesn't get too far, as the computer shuts down before it can gain much momentum. I have a Corsair 650 watt PS, an ASUS 7850 GPU, an ASUS P8H61-MLE CSM motherboard, and an i5 CPU if that helps.
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  1. Which i5 CPU did you purchase? If it's an Ivy Bridge model (i5-3450/3550/3570k) you may need to buy a Sandy Bridge CPU to flash the BIOS.
  2. It's the 2500k. I'm pretty good about checking compatibility for the most part. I'm just unsure whether I connected things incorrectly, or that something is broken. Either way I feel pretty defeated at this point, so hopefully I can get some fresh ideas from people with more experience (it's only my second self-built).
  3. Ahh alright :) I would highly suggest going through this checklist if you haven't already!
  4. im having the same problem and i can get my pc to cut on by clearing the cmos via jumper
  5. ok so my shut off problem is fixed to let you know how i fixed it...the solution was easy...there was a short in my power button i fixed the wires and boom fixed
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