Single 7970 or Dual 6970s?

I have recently built a new system, and the only thing left is a new video card. I need to run three displays for work, but I want to also have the ability to game across all three screens as well. This is why I am considering either an XFX 7970 DD Black Edition or 2 XFX 6970s. I am looking to spend $700.00, so both setups work from a price stand point, and I can currently find both of them in stock. Can not find 6990s in stock anywhere. Just looking for the best performance overall.

My new system.

Asus Rampage IV Extreme Motherboard
Intel Core i7-3820 G2 Sandy Bridge
Noctua NH-D14 CPU Fan
Mushkin Redline 16GB
WD VelociRaptor 450GB
Silverstone Raven RV03 Case
Silverstone ST1200-G Evolution 1200W Power Supply
Additional Silverstone AP121 Fans
Blu-Ray Burner
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    I would get a 7970 because then you have room too grow for the future. Also you won't have the problems sometimes associated with multi-gpu setups.
  2. Yeah the dual 6970s would be WAY more powerful, but you dont want to start a build with SLI/xfire cause you cant expand and then have 2 cards to sell. But if two of those cost the same as one 7970, go for the xfire system. (way better price/performance)

    Or you can wait until the dual-gpu single card 7990. Dont know when thats gonna come around. Also Nvidia Geforce 600s are on the way.
  3. my experience for this is dual 6970's are a lot better then single 7970 but those dual card's increase micro-stuttering chances but not at all so grap the single hd 7970 this is the first model make officially from AMD side which i love more than my 2500k and it make my pc like a neuc i have dual hd 7970 in CF and works perfectly...
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